July Favorites (And Not So Favorites) 201it

I almost didn’t do this, because I thought I didn’t have a lot of favorites. I usually try to add my favorites to a sticky note and keep it in my planner so that I can keep up with them. So, when I went to look at my sticky note…there were about 4 things on there. I realized that I hadn’t added to it since the beginning of the month…whoops.

I have some favorite places that I went this month. We have been frequenting the lake this month. About once a week if it’s not raining (which it has been doing a lot, unfortunately), my mom, grandma, sister and I will go down and stay a few hours and then go and get lunch after.


The next place was an event for 4th of July in my state. We call it the Uncle Sam Jam. We weren’t on the eventful side this year. There are a couple places where you can park your car and then go set up your chairs near the lake. There is a particular spot where a lot of vendor and restaurants set up and there’s crafts and live music. We stayed on the quiet side and sat in our chairs next to the lake and just talked until the fireworks, which were amazing.



Next are sort of beauty favorites…sort of. I finally bought 2 things from her little beauty line that mostly consists of bath things. She recently came out with a new line, but I got things from the old line. The newer line is apparently much fruitier. I might pick up something from it later on in the year. I got her Soak Opera body wash/bubble bath and it honestly smells like heaven. Also, a little bit like shampoo, but in a good way. I also got one of her little makeup bags. I love them both so much.



This month I received my Plum Paper Planner and I really like it. I am going to be using it for school mostly and I have decided that for the beginning of next year I will be getting a new Erin Condren. I do really like the PPP, but I think i still want to keep my personal/other things outside of school separate and I just enjoy the EC planner for than. I’ll probably have more to say on the PPP once I am using it more. I haven’t actually done anything besides fill out important dates in the monthly sections.


I got a new backpack for this coming up school year. I’ve had my old North Face back pack for about 3 years now. It’s not that it’s old or worn or anything; it honestly still looks brand new. I just wanted a change, so my sister is using my old one for her last year in middle school. My new one is grey and a mint-y green color and I really like it. I am hoping that it will be just a sturdy as my last one, but I am a little worried about the straps. I only have to use it for about a year and a half, so I’m hoping it holds up.


Next is a movie, that I actually just went to see this past Thursday. It’s called Inside Out and it is such a cute movie. I think that anyone could watch that movie and leave the theater with a smile. It’ll make you laugh and cry and feel so many emotions (funny that, it being a movie about emotions, haha). I would recommend checking it out, if you haven’t already.

Next is my youtube favorite(s). I dicovered KianandJc this month. I had heard of them before and seen a few of there videos here and there, but I always thought they were kind of dumb. But, the new videos they’ve been putting out have been incredibly funny.

Next are some music favorites. First of all, the new feature on Spotify called the Discover Weekly is awesome. It basically recommends a bunch of songs every week for you and it changes over every Monday. Mine has been so spot on with all the songs. I have so much new music, I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Lastly, is really exciting. The new One Direction song called Drag Me Down is sooooooo good. I really like the path they’re taking now as a foursome. I really can’t wait fro the new album now. Honestly, Harry’s runs at the end of the songs just make you want to do terrible things. It’s so good and I hope they get a lot more respect as a band now.

That’s about it for my favorites. I do have a couple of unfavorites, sadly.

First is all the doctor appointments I have had this month. I also had a surgery, but I talked about this all in my last post, so I’m not going to do on about it again.

Next, is that we’ve discovered that my grandma has skin cancer. She had a small place on her face that looked like a little scrape/scab and she went to get it checked out and they said it was the most common type; basal cell carcinoma. They aren’t sure yet how early they caught it, but she has a few appointments scheduled to see some people. I really hope this is something they’ve caught early and can do something about it. She is honestly the glue to this whole family and I don’t even want to think about what is going to happen if something happens to her.

I didn’t mean for this to end so sad, but that’s all the favs and unfavs I have this month. August is the month of school starting and buying expensive books for boring classes. Anyway, hopefully some fun things happen at the beginning of the month that I can share in the next favorites! 🙂


The Month of Doctors.

This month has no been too kind to me health wise. I’m not even sick and I’ve already 2 doctors appointments, and I still have about 3 or 4 on the way. It’s not exactly how I wanted to spend my summer, but I guess it is better than having to deal with it while I am in school.

My first doctor appointment was an appointment for a couple of things. They were things that I knew the doctor wouldn’t really know what to do for, because they would require the expertise of some specialist. And, in my situation, I have to do to a primary doctor and be referred to see any sort of specialist. So this doctor appointment was basically just my doctor making 2 separate appointment with two different specialists.

The first place I went was the eye doctor. I have had a lump on my eye for about 4 months now. I figured it was just a very stubborn stye and that it would eventually go away. Turns out it is basically a stubborn stye, however, they call it a chalazion. The ophthalmologist I had, was to say the least, not my favorite person. I was only in the room for about 5 minutes maximum and he told me I had two options and that was to continue what I was doing (aka. nothing) or having it surgically removed. Which I am not even sure why they call it a surgery, because you are awake the entire time they are slicing you eye up. He also told me that it would never go away even with the surgery which was odd. Why go with the surgery if nothing will change? But as I’ve looked around online, it does seem to get rid of it, although their is a risk of it returning. Anyway, I told the doctor I would think about my options and then call back if I decided to go ahead with it. Unbeknownst to me, I go to the front desk and then I am handed an appointment card to have the surgery next Thursday. It was all together a confusing experience. I guess if I decide not to go through with it, I have until 24 hours before the appointment to cancel. My mom really doesn’t think it is something I need to do because it doesn’t actually effect me that much. I just hate looking at it. It a nuisance in it’s own way and I just kind of want to get rid of it.

I also have another appointment to make with a dermatologist. I went to one back in October for a weird foot rash that they came to call mrsa. They have me some medicine and it got a little better. But here we are a few months shy of a year later and it’s still persistent. It is no where near as bad as it was, but it’s still there in some places. So, I have to go back to them and see what they want to do now. My primary doctor thinks that while the medicine they gave me may have fought off a bulk of the infection, what is left of the infection is not responding to the medicine they gave me. She thinks it is now more fungal than it is mrsa. So, we’ll just have to see.

On top of these, I have to get a physical next week. I hate physicals. I also hate when the doctors and nurses ask me what I am going to school for. I always get judgmental looks because I am going for medical assisting. Therefore, I always feel like they want to make me feel dumb. Like, no I haven’t started the program yet, you cannot use words like that with me, I know nothing. I still have A LOT to learn. On the bright side the, the medical assistant that took me back for my last appointment was super nice and did her job really well!

So…I am really not looking forward to the rest of this month.

I’m sorry to the people who may have read this accidentally. It isn’t really meant to be read, it’s more for personal documentation.

June Favorites (and not-so-favorites) 2015

I skipped April and May. They just went by so quickly. Plus, I was still in school so not much favorites changed from March or were exciting enough to talk about.

This month I had quite a lot of things that I liked!

I’m just gonna go ahead and get this out of the way; my Erin Condren Planner is still one of my favorites. I have ordered a Plum Paper Planner that I am going to use specifically for school, which is very exciting and will hopefully make it into my July/August favorites (if it ever gets here. I hate waiting for mail.)

Book: I have been reading two books this month. Very slowly, but I’ve been reading them nonetheless. The first is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, which is really good, although I haven’t gotten that far into it. The second one is by my favorite author Sarah Dessen and her newest book (I think) is called Saint Anything and I love it. It’s such an easy read and I’m really excited to continue reading it!


TV Show: I’m still re-watching Supernatural with my sister. We had to stop for a while because we used to watch it on my laptop, but I had to get a new one; it doesn’t have a cd/dvd slot. We’ve been having to watch it on our desktop, which is a pain. Still a favorite though. Also, my favorite tv show is back for another season. It’s a Canadian tv show called Rookie Blue and it’s the only show that I have watched it since the very beginning. Anyway, I love that show it’s so so good.

Jewelry: I have been wearing this white turtle bracelet every time I leave the house. My sister and I found them at Wal-mart for $0.97 and so we each got one. There are different colors and all the colors mean different things; mine means ‘hope’. We noticed the other day that they have the same bracelets, only with different animals. I think there were owls and elephants, but I am more partial to the turtles. Also, I found my purity ring, which I thought I had lost (among other things). So, I have been wearing that daily as well.


Youtubers: I have discovered quite a lot of youtubers this month. The first is Kirsten, who is a young mother of a sweet baby called Avery. I really enjoy her videos, especially her planner related videos and Avery’s monthly updates. Next, is Jessica Whitaker. I really like how she does her videos. She is so chill and normal, and it feels like you’re watching your friend who is a bit odd make a video. Last is the Daily Bumps. They are a family who daily vlogs and they just seem like the sweetest people and I really enjoy watching them.

Crafty?: The next two are kind of random, but I bought some Fine tip Sharpie pens and I have been really enjoying them. A lot more that I thought I would at least, because I was so stuck on Papermate Flairs and Staedtlers. Also, I bought some Erin Condren notepads and I really really like them. They’re so fancy with name on them, haha.

Song: I did a recent music favorites not too long ago, but I discovered a song that I have had on repeat for the last week. It’s called Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. I always find songs long after they come out, because I’m so adamant that I won’t like them and then a few months later I get it stuck in my head.

App: I recently rediscovered Vine this past month. I have a love/hate relationship with vine because I have downloaded and erased it from my phones for the past however many years it’s been out. It just always ends up back on my phone, because I’ll remember the vines that I have liked and I’ll go on there and rewatch them all.

Last and certainly not least, this is my favorite category for this month; MOVIES! I haven’t seen that many this month, but the ones that I did see were out of this world.

First of all, Furious 7 was so good. Like, on a whole other level. It was really sad though. I think Paul’s brother did an amazing job at acting in his brothers place. Unless you’re really keen on details and you know Paul Walker really really well you won’t really notice when his brother even takes his place. It was so good and I am already looking to go and see it again! Second movie is The Kingsman: The Secret Service. My friend and I honestly just wanted to go to the movies and this is the only one that had a really appealing trailer and I am so glad this is the movie we picked. It was soooo much better than what I expected and I would definitely watch again; multiple times. And, it’s really exciting to hear that there might be a second one!

Now for the one no-so-favorite that I have.

I bought a new laptop at the end of May. I think they call it a stream book or something. I can’t say that it is a terrible laptop, but it is for someone who doesn’t do a lot with their computer. There is 30 GB of storage, which is kind of a joke. I mean, i have a camera memory card with more storage than that. I think it came with some kind of cloud storage or something for like pictures and stuff. I only downloaded Google Chrome and Spotify and even that was pushing it. It constantly alerts me that I am low on memory and this will cause apps to not run correctly. I knew when I bought it that it wasn’t going to be the best. I just needed something cheap and that I could use for the summer and the beginning of school. i will definitely not be keeping this laptop for very long. Again, if you’re someone who doesn’t do anything by maybe browse the web it is the perfect options for you.

I think that’s it.

Until August!

Happy Day!


Today is such a happy day for so many people in America. Marriage is now something that everyone can do, no matter who they love. Typing that out just felt like a joke. It literally felt like, a “well, duh” kind of thing. It’s so crazy to me that it has taken our nation this long to give such a basic right to everyone.

I watched this morning as Obama gave his speech. It was such a good speech and everything he said was spot on.

It feels freeing to be able to congratulate and be able to express my happiness about this. Mostly because my entire Facebook timeline is filled with such hate and such negative feedback about it. It feels good to be able to come on here and just be able to say YES. This is a GREAT day. This is a HAPPY day. Even if it doesn’t effect me in any way. I’m not gay. I’m just a girl from the south, where a lot of people are completely loosing their marbles because a whole lot of people gained rights that they should have always had. They’re so upset about such a happy thing.

I’ve grown up in church almost my whole life. I think I stopped going for a few years when I got into middle school, but then I started going again in my junior year of high school. And, if I explained this to anyone in my church they would probably blame those few years that I was out of church on my blasphemous mindset about how I think everyone deserves to marry who they love.

I have always agreed with the things that my pastors have said. But, some things, such as same-sex marriage, I could just never get on board with. It’s never been something that I’ve understood. Why can’t I be happy and support someone who is in love with someone? Why can’t they get married to that person just because they are the same sex. It’s just not something that’s every settled well with me. Those are the sermons that are always so hard to sit through.

I have heard testimony after testimony about how “same-sex marriage will be the end all for America.” Like, why? Two people are getting married and the world is suddenly ending?

There was one particular testimony that really stands out to me the most. There was a guy who got up and said “if homosexuals gain the right to be married, what is going to happen to our church? To our pastor? The homosexuals are going to want to come into OUR church and get married, and by law our pastor is going to have to do that, unless he wants to pay a fine or go to jail and I don’t see why that is something that we should put up with!” And, he just kept going on and on and on about “THOSE HOMOSEXUALS!!!” I honestly just wanted to stand up and be like “Are you actually insane?”

I don’t really know what this was. It was just a brain dump of my emotions and thoughts about the things going on today.

America is shifting and changing and I think it’s definitely for the better.

Congratulations to everyone who was able to get married today! And, congratulations to the people who are now going to be able to get married in the future. You deserve every right to do so.

Recent Music Favorites

I am constantly listening to music and my tastes are always changing. I feel like I have a new favorite song every week, because I play a song until I hate it, and then move onto the next. I just want to document my favorite music that way I don’t forget about these songs that I love so much.

These go in order from the most recent songs I have been listening to songs all the way to songs I was listening to way back in like March. Usually, if I’m really enjoying a song, I will put it in my ‘Starred’ folder on Spotify, so I just took these songs from there.

Here we go:

Flashlight – Jessie J (Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtrack)

American Idiot (Cover) – 5 Seconds of Summer

Vacation – G.R.L.

Radio – Hot Chelle Rae ft. Bei Maejor

Me and My Broken Heart – Rixton

All About Us – He Is We ft. Owl City

Be Like You – Finding Favour

Sad Song – We the Kings ft. Elena Coats

Someone Like You (Cover) – Cady Groves

Ever Enough – A Rocket to the Moon

Happily Ever After – He Is We

Cast My Cares – Finding Favour

You’re Not Alone – Britt Nicole ft. Owl City

Say Amen – Finding Favour

Little Toy Guns – Carrie Underwood

When She Cries – Christian Burghardt

Agape – Bear’s Den

Through It All – Colton Dixon

Greater – MercyMe

Soul On Fire – Third Day ft. All Sons & Daughters

Livewire – Oh Wonder

See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Forever (Live) – Kari Jobe

Songs of the Year (2015 Mash-up) – Anthem Lights

Like We Used To – A Rocket to the Moon

Crying Game – Cady Groves

Once in a Lifetime – Landon Austin

Nerve Endings – Too Close to Touch

The Heart Wants What it Wants – Selena Gomez

Bring Me Home – Tori Kelly

3am – Meghan Trainor

A Little Too Much – Shawn Mendes (but really his whole new album is wonderful and a favorite)

Never Be – 5 Seconds of Summer

S.O.S – Brandon Heath

Never Stop – SafetySuit


I am really sucking at updating this thing. I just don’t have anything to say. Well, I do. But, I just never feel like typing it all, because some of the stuff gives me a lot of anxiety and I don’t want to think about it until I absolutely have to.

For example, I recently had an unauthorized transaction on my debit card for $300. Thank God it wasn’t anymore than that, but like, really? Why? So, now is the waiting game for reimbursement. I just don’t like that the money isn’t there, because what if something happens and I need to use what is in my bank account and an additional $300 that I did have, but don’t anymore. Anyway, I’m stressin’.

Then, a couple weeks later, my laptop (keeping in mind that I have only had it a little over a year) completely crashes and burns (metaphorically speaking). I don;t know if it is something I can get fixed, but the thought of having to go somewhere and give over something that has my life on it, is a little scary. I guess, I am lucky that I did only have it year before it crashed, because I didn’t loose too much. Just a few pictures/videos that I never got around to uploading elsewhere. I just didn’t figure it trying to get it fixed would be worth it because I have had problems with it since the day that I got it. So, I just purchased a new temporary laptop that could get me through another year. It was like $200 and it already works significantly better the once I was using before which costed me upwards of $400. Plus, my new one is a lovely magenta shade. 🙂

I also have a lot of things that I have to get done this summer/fall in preparation for clinicals next summer. I have to take a class and be certified in CPR, which I think I am going to drag my friend with me and persuade her by paying for her to take it with me. I also have to send off some paperwork to get a background check and drug screening. And, to top it all off I have to have a doctor fill out some immunization information for me. Which, brings me to next worry…

I am now leaving a pediatrics doctor. I say that like I’ve been in the last two years. I haven’t been to my pediatrics in a while and I should have transferred to a ‘grown up’ doctor a while back, but I didn’t really visit the doctor enough to worry about it then. Now, I have to worry about it. So, I’ve spent the last month trying to find a doctor that I wanted to go to, and then I finally chose one referred to me by my best friend. The thing is, I haven’t even called them yet to let them know I will now be a patient of theirs. I just get really bad anxiety about calling people and do grown up things. I can’t even lie, my mom has always done everything for me that has to do with anything regarding the dentist, doctor, insurance, car repairs. I was babied and now I am trying to get out of that and it’s really tough. I don’t like asking people things, because I feel dumb. That’s the only way I know how to describe how I feel when I have to talk to someone on the phone. My preferred method is email and even then I have anxiety. Like, I will literally send an email and wait almost a whole 24 hours before I even look back at the email, because I am afraid that I sounded stupid.

Anyway, enough about my life chat. I just wanted to get this off of my chest. I think that I will do a recent music favorites next, because I haven’t documented that in a while, at least not here. Have I ever shared my music favorites on here? I don;t know. I’ve found a lot of good music lately that I would like to share.

Until next time.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

I said that I was going to try and update this regularly, and I have not been very good at following through with that. School has been taking up my entire life, even though I only had 2 classes; one them is interpersonal communication and it was surprisingly stressful. Probably because I struggle with a lot of aspects of communication, but regardless. We quite a large paper due for that class and it took most of April and the beginning of May for me to complete. It ended up being about 10 pages and the longest paper I have ever written… I think. I had a really big graduation project in high school, but I still don’t think that the paper was that long. Anyway, I have been pretty busy, and this thing fell to the back burner.

To be honest, I don’t know that I would have kept up with it even if I was not busy. I have nothing interesting to type out. I have all these ideas written down from when I first started this; it was meant to encourage me and inspire me so that I had something to post at least every week. But, those all seem boring, which of course.

On the bright side…school is overrr! I feel glad about it now, but about a week from now I am going to wish I was back, because I will be so crazy bored. Even though school is stressful, it gives me something to do.

I don’t know if I have wrote about this on here, but I got accepted into the program that I applied for at my school. There is sooo much that I have to do before next summer though. I am going into medical assisting and part of the curriculum is an externship and there is so much paper work that goes with it. I feel especially lucky, because some programs have to have all this paper work done by July of this year, while mine is not due until March of 2016. I am really interested in my program, but it kind of makes me nervous, just because I am not the most outspoken. I don’t mind talking to people when I know that I am suppose to. For example, when I had a job, I didn’t mind answering a question for a customer or helping them with something, because I knew that they wanted to talk to me. But, I would never outright ask a customer is they needed help, because I never knew if they wanted my help. I don’t mind talking to people, if they talk to me first, or if they expect me to talk to them. I don’t like just making conversation with people I don’t know, because I don’t know if they want to talk to me. Which, I know, I know, what if they do want me to talk to them? It’s just me missing out on a lot of good conversations and possible friends, but I just can’t do it.

I think the fact that this is how my brain works, people are kind of not so….supportive? their not expecting much..? I guess that’s how I’ll put it. They are not expecting this program to go over well in my favor, because they think that I am super shy and don’t talk….and that’s not entirely true.

This little post is turning out to be a lot of blah, blah, blah.

Ooooh, exciting news, I am an aunt again. My brothers wife just recently had her second baby. He’s a sweet little baby boy named after his father, Joshua. He’s so adorable, I can’t actually handle looking at him for long periods of time.

I feel like I have other, more interesting things that I could be talking about, but I’ve got nothing.

I guess I’ll stop now. At least I’ve got something to add to this little blog thing.